A cat called a fool, Miamott.
He didn’t even hear Chew, the rat, stop him,
He begins his journey and the story begins.

Who will lead Miamott on his journey?
First of all, what is the journey…

Found it.
Found what?

This is the world of Ukiyo-e Cats
Welcome to Miamott’s Journey.

What is “Miamott’s Journey”

Journey, it aims at a destination while experiencing various encounters and partings. What kind of life path are you traveling now?

Introduction of Characters

Various kitten that the fool “Miamott” meets on his way. Gentle cat, fearsome cat… What kind of cats will you meet on your journey?

Tarot Card List

The meanings of the 78 Tarot cards. They are categorized by Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and each of the four suits.


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Miamott’s Journey

by kikuta design
co-produced by tomitaproduce